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We specialize in the study, development and implementation of global solutions of energy efficiency in lighting for offices and tertiary-use buildings.

We have a wide range of product equipped with the latest technology in LED diodes and electronic drivers.

We manage projects and facilities for companies, homeowners' associations, residences, commercial buildings, etc ...

Offices equipped by LiderLED

Our green solutions aim to create an optimal working enviroment, with intelligent applications based on presence sensor and self-regulation by daylight harvesting. Systems that make easy the rational use of facilities in order to increase the total energy saving.


Our solutions:

  L2-G Series   L2-DL Series  

LiderLED® L2-G Series

  • MeanWell driver LPF Series
  • SMD 2835 Epistar LED chips
  • Available dimension options: 60*60cm, 30*120cm y 60*120cm
  • Available power options: 40W, 60W and 100W (60*120cm)
  • Improved luminous efficacy: >110 lm/W
  • Cold forging aluminum housing
  • 1-10V dimmable version

LiderLED® L2-DL Series

  • Philips Xitanium driver
  • Philips Fortimo DLM LED module
  • Available power options: 14W and 26W
  • Dali dimmable version


  Serie L2-GL2-DLB Series   EKOS Sensors  

LiderLED®  L2-DLB Series

  • HEP Group driver
  • Seoul Semiconductor LED chips
  • Available power options: 9W, 18W and 28W
  • IP44 for toilets and locker rooms
  • 1-10V dimmable version

EKOS Sensors

  • Auto adjusting of light power according to daylight amount
  • Management of turn on/off operation by presence detection


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